Coronado Prepared

Scarcity makes enemies of even the best of friends

If you have the means, please prepare enough for your family AND to be able to share with your community. We started this website in large part upon realizing that unless there are HUNDREDS more of us that are prepared for ourselves AND OTHERS we simply will not be able to withstand an emergency. Many of us who are already prepared have not spoken about it even with our best friends and until many more are prepared that is unlikely to change. 

This effort is an attempt to normalize it but more so to just help others to get prepared. It is also meant to be a starting point, not a complete resource. This is not a money making effort, there are zero affiliate links anywhere. Please get your emergency supplies in order now. 

This is a wake up call to all of us who love our city, our neighbors and our families. Many of us have been quietly preparing our emergency food/water/supplies. As events around the world, country, and even our community progress into ever more challenging times, the urgency to finish or in some cases begin our emergency preparedness has become a top priority. 

The only goal of this website is to convince our neighbors and community to prepare for coming difficult times by getting your emergency supplies in order by March 31, 2024

Items to Prepare


3 month supply MINIMUM, 12 months IDEAL. Freeze dried food is easiest but most expensive. Mountain house is the consensus best option for freeze dried food. Augason Farms is second best but still a good option. Wheat berries (the kind you have to grind into flour) are the cheapest BY FAR for balanced long term nutrition. This is not a complete list but its a critical beginning.


  • Water collection/storage is critical and EASY. Purification is simple and inexpensive. Five 10x10 tarps could capture 3,466 gallons/year. One 45x14' tarp could capture 4,673 gallons/year. Capacity to store captured water becomes biggest limiting factor! Barrels good for storage but even garbage cans would work for storage. Lids would be important to reduce evaporation.

  • Water Collection/Storage: 
    • Buy 32 or 45 gallon trash cans with lids. 
    • Buy Tarps to collect rain water
    • Buy siphons to get water into the trash cans for long term storage
  • Water Purification
    • Buy Sawyer Squeeze (500 gallons of water purification)
    • Buy 10L water bag by HydroBlu Go Flow. Connects to Sawyer Squeeze. 


Start with an emergency supply of your individual prescriptions. Then move on to a first aid kit and all hygiene items you use on a daily/weekly basis. Think about allergies, pain management etc. 

  • Jase Medical provides emergency supply prescription medicines including antibiotics. 
  • Consider a composting toilet or a different solution in case our sewage system has a prolonged failure (Country Club residents got a taste of this already.


If the power grid fails for a prolonged period solar panels and solar generators will be incredibly important. We'll need electric hot plates to heat our food storage and to charge/power other necessary devices.

  • Solar Generator: Bluetti and EcoFlow seem to be the "best". Jackery is viewed as a sub prime option generally. 
  • Solar Panels: 100% Necessary to power our generators.

Other Items To Consider

  • Wheat Grinder (electric and manual)
  • Faraday Bags (protect solar generator/panels/medical devices)
  • Composting Toilet
  • Vitamins (especially D)
  • Plastic bags of various sizes and utility
  • Disinfectant and bleach (Liquid bleach only has a shelflife of six months –a powder concentrate called calcium hypochlorite lasts 10 years and 1 pound can make the equivalent of about 200 gallons of liquid bleach)
  • Extensions cords
  • 500w mini space heaters
  • Radio
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries

Matthew 24:43-44